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Gearing up for the release of Stalked by the Zozo Demon, which comes out next Friday, September 29. This book was co-authored with my friend and partner in crime, LiveSciFi founder and lead investigator Tim Wood, and I'm ridiculously excited.
Well, here's the back jacket copy. You tell me.

During the summer of 2017, LiveSciFi paranormal investigator Tim Wood and author Celina Summers conducted a real-life experiment where Wood contacted the demon known as Zozo every night for a month. Wood believed Zozo was a demon; Summers believed Zozo was a myth. The Zozo experiment was to be the first paranormal experiment live streamed to thousands of witnesses. Its purpose? To determine the validity of the Zozo entity once and for all.
But the experiment didn’t end. Demonic influence pursued both researchers through their subsequent investigations…and their daily lives. As the activity heated up, the questions grew more difficult to answer. Was there really an entity named Zozo? Or was…