Monday, February 14, 2011

I Can't Believe I've Been This Busy...But I Have

I have never taken this long off from blogging since I began way back in the day.  To be honest, I should be ashamed.  And I am.  So, as a Valentine's Day present from me to you, the Elf Killing desk is back open and ready for business.

Because that's what I've been dealing with--lots and lots of business.

To start off with...the big news.  As the result of a pitch I did at the World Fantasy Covention, I am now agented!  Cherry Weiner, of the Cherry Weiner Literary Agency, now represents all my work!  So while she has manuscripts of mine off on submission, I'm working double time to get more of my backlog of manuscripts ready to go out.  This is one of the great things about having a backlog of manuscripts ready to go.  Many of them I could have consigned to e-publication if they didn't attract interest in the querying process.  But, because I held on to those manuscripts, now I have a lot of work to present to my agent and that's a great thing.

So therefore, as a result, my final contracted work with Aspen Mountain Press will be Defying The Covenants, the final book of the Vampire Covenants series.  In another change, although Rob Graham and I co-authored the first two books, this book was written entirely by me.  Defying the Covenants will come out in March, and later this week I'll have publication dates and cover art to share.

And the remainder of my time has been spent with Aurora Regency/Aurora Regency Historicals. Our release schedule has been like clockwork since we launched in October, with a new release every two weeks at the very least. We have a growing stable of wonderful authors, several of whom have multiple releases with us, and the first reviews for our books are starting to roll in.  I must be honest--there's a real feeling of accomplishment now whenever I look at the Aurora site or blog and see all those lovely book covers. We are doing precisely what we set out to do. We are publishing high quality historical fiction--and the blend between traditional Regency romances and historicals is just about perfect--and building up a good reputation quickly.  I've actually hired editors now, who will take over the burden of day to day editing for the most part, which will enable me to concentrate on acquisitions, operations and promotional work.  I'm very excited by what I see going on at Aurora--you should go check it out when you get a chance.

Although this is a little late, I do have a New Year's Resolution to share.  I promise to faithfully blog at least three days a week from here on out.  Now that the craziness is subsiding into a regular schedule, Elf Killing goes back on my list of things to do.  I won't neglect you again--I promise.

So where do we go from here?  Well, Elf Killing is going to be making a shift.  As my priorities change professionally, this blog is going to reflect that.  I'd expect some serious retooling in the next few months and hopefully some changes that will make everyone happy.  We shall see.  But until then, we'll muck along as we always have--a little sarcastically, rather entusiastically and a lot more regularly.  Okay?