Thursday, July 06, 2006

Um.....You're Kidding, Right?

Believe it or not, I actually got more than five hours of sleep last night.

It was completely unintentional; I intended to get up at 7 as I always do, but for some reason my body demanded more shut-eye. How long has it been since I slept until noon? Probably ten years, if not more. Post-back-surgery-days don't count.

At any rate, I finally drag my lazy ass out of bed and discover that the cats, taking advantage of my unusual inattention, have decided to destroy the house. After cleaning up shards of broken glass, replacing paperbacks in the bookshelf, finding a very unpleasant surprise in the middle of my rug, and returning various food boxes to the cabinets that only Muggle can open, I relented and fed the little bastards.

Seems that they want their breakfast on time.

The kitten, of course, got fed first. She still gets her kitten milk a couple of times a day. So far she has not graduated to num-nums (celinaese for canned food), but the other vagrants lined up, as usual for their daily tablespoon treat.

Then the phone rang.


"I have an important message about personal business for Celina..."

Slam! I'm not listening to a business bot when I cleaned up a hairball before my first cup of coffee.

I went outside to water my flowers. I think I'm going to switch to cacti as my plant of choice; I forgot to water the flowers the last couple of days, thinking *Gee, on the third we had an inch and a half of rain in a half-hour. They'll be all right.*

Apparently not.

Wilting countermanded, it's time to check my email. Despite the innumerable "You have won!" and horoscope emails (apparently this is a lucky day for Libras), some yabbo made me an offer for a piece of goofus glass on my antiques website. I priced it at $100, since it has a book value of 130. He offered me 40.

Forty dollars???? He offered me one-third of the value of the piece? For goofus glass? For those of you who don't know, goofus glass is very rare. They call it goofus glass because the paint treatment comes off in water. You can't wash the crap without losing paint. Since these pieces were made primarily in th 1920s and 30s, needless to say, it's almost impossible to come by.

Resisting the inevitable scathing, "Are you on crack, aasshole?" email, I replied that 40 dollars was unacceptable.

Then I looked at my calendar. Today is July 6th. Goddess' Revenge comes out on August 18th. *frowns and rechecks email.* Nope. No rewrites back yet. My editor must still be on vacation. I did have a request for an interview *gasp!* with another erotica site, however, and that brightened things up.

Now I'm listening to Mozart and deliberating my work choices for the afternoon. I have a feeling, however, that my Dragon's Den story is going to win. I like the way it's going, for one thing, and for another there's something delightfully evil about getting the last story done first, posting in the story threads that *My story is finished, will you guys PLEASE hurry up???* and then chuckling through the whole rest of the month.

Okay. Obviously I'm awake now and back to my normal self. Time to go write.