Friday, May 18, 2007

Just paint a target on my forehead....

Why is it that every time I express a strong opinion I get creamed for it? Is it illegal for me to be convinced of something to the point where I can be passionate about it without someone lobbing a dart at my head? Am I THAT intimidating?

For example, over the past week the health situation within my family has deteriorated significantly. I expressed ONE opinion about what should happen next when it comes time to make health care decisions and I was lambasted for it by an aunt I haven't seen in ten years. Do you know what it's like to get a phone call EARLY one morning with someone squawking words like *ungrateful* *unfeeling* and *unsympathetic* at you? I mean, Jesus H. Christ! Come off it lady! You're just pissed because I'm in a position where my opinion counts and you are shunted off to the side as irrelevant.

Get a clue.

The upside of hospital waiting room for days on end is IF you have all of your edits downloaded you can get them ALL done.


Although sitting in a waiting room with screaming kids and daytime talk shows isn't the ideal environment for doing rewrites, it sure beats the alternative. I never cared much for Reader's Digest Condensed books. Too short.

So, on my latest first day back, I think I'll work on some short stories that fell by the wayside over the last few months and get some new submissions out there. Anything would be better than letting my head be used as a dartboard. *sigh* Just wait until I turn away and then aim for my back.