Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Review For Temptation of Asphodel

Love Romances and More has always been good to me and my books, but the review they released today for The Asphodel Cycle 3:Temptation of Asphodel blew me away.

...If you enjoy a wonderful Fantasy series that will captivate you with the sheer
volume of world building & captivating characters that fairly leap off the
pages and into your hearts, then grab the third installment of the Asphodel
Cycle series, TEMPTATION OF ASPHODEL. All this reviewer wants to know is this:
Can we get more please, Ms. Summers?

Wow. Just wow. You can check out the rest of the review here. The reviewer gave Temptation a perfect five out of five hearts. *tries not to smirk, fails utterly*

The final book, Apostle of Asphodel, is coming out in May. Hopefully, it will meet up to expectations.

My short story collection Metamorphosis is coming out at the end of March, but right now I'm focusing on the first book of The Vampire Covenants trilogy I'm co-writing with fellow AMP author Rob Graham. Breaking the Covenants is due out in April and we're going through edits on it while completing the second book in the series Warding The Covenants, which should come out this summer. So I've been incredibly busy and look to get busier. After suffering through a full week of the stomach flu, I'm back on my game and working my wazoo off.

Hopefully, I'll work another ten pounds or so of it away if I keep at it.

Have to get back to work. When I hit the point that a reviewer is asking for more of my work, I guess it's in my best interests to give them what they want.

I'm so excited.

I'm so silly.