Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I'm Trying Really Hard...Really I Am

It's so hard to keep politics out of this blog. It really is.  I briefly considered starting a political blog, but quickly realized I was way too moderate to attract enough attention to make it worthwhile.  And although I would dearly love to get back into the political analysis business, I now have a reasonable cop out.

I'm too busy.

But every once in a while, the bug hits me hard.  I want to sink my teeth into an issue and rip it to shreds.  I want to take my soapbox back out! I want to protest, to march, to yell, "Hey you stupid sons-of-bitches! When are you going to stop selling out to the party line?????"

And then common sense takes over and I remind myself, "No, Celina. You don't have enough time to do it right so leave it alone."

And then I stew over it for a few days.

I just wonder sometimes why it is that in America we only have liberals and conservatives. Where are the moderates? The independents? Hell, even a libertarian will do.  Someone who doesn't automatically tie the abortion issue in with foreign affairs, or gay marriage witht he capital gains tax.  Where are the politicians brave enough to say, "You know what? I believe a woman has the right to choose AND I believe that this health insurance reform is a REALLY bad idea?"

Yeah. I know. They're unemployed.

So this is my lone foray into politics on this blog. *sigh* I guess I should probably go ahead and get everything ready for a political blog too, though. Otherwise, everytime I look at this blank screen I'm going to get sidetracked.

We'll just consider this a momentary aberration. Carry on.