Monday, January 26, 2009

So I Finished Another Book Today

That's three--count 'em...three before February. My goal for 2009 is seven completed novels. I'm not doing too shabby if you look at it that way.

So anyway, after tiptoeing around my denouement for a couple of days, I finally figured out how to do the reveal, set up the climax and finish the book. I was so excited! And get this--I was shooting for a 90k paranormal romance--good industry length yada yada--and I only went over by *mumblemumble* thousand words! Yay! By the time I add in the subplot I forgot I'll be right back to *epic* if I'm not careful. Oh well, I'm giving it a day and then the real work starts. I can't wait.

I'll be querying this baby in a month. Just you wait.

Now it's snowing out and the only writing project I have on my desk is the second Covenants book. I kind of have to take a break on it; the Muse was driving me on the storyline and I kind of got ahead of Rob. I need to let him catch up. So, it's a perfect time to...

...start a new book. Hmmm...let me see. Should I go for the new fantasy world that's been bubbling around in my head, give a Regency romance a whirl, or maybe pick up on something completely new? I bet you I'll figure it out by the morning. After all, I won't have anything else to do.