Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And now it's crunch time

After yet another emergency trip down south, I am now once again behind.

This really ticks me off. It's not like I TRY to get behind. I've had to be good in real life lately so that's made me bad in writing life. So I'm locking myself away until Saturday and getting everything done. *grin* Fortunately, I'm quick. That helps a lot.

So I have more edits due on Asphodel, which is looking like an end of June release, plus as much promo as I can drum up for it, plus another 28k due to Changeling inthe same amount of time, plus getting the anthology submission ready and forwarding it on to my editor, plus trying to get SOME new writing done just to be different. Nah, I'm not busy.

In other news, I watched a fascinating show on the History Channel last night about the legacy of Star Wars. (Yes, I take out two hours a day for shows I want to watch--so sue me) The show was an exploration of the mythic origins of the Star Wars story and how archetypal themes and characterizations make the story pertinent. I must admit, even with my background in mythology and folklore I was vastly unprepared to sit on my couch and say *Wow, I do that* for two hours. Granted, I haven't studied Joseph Campbell in a few years but the whole concept of the mythic journey of the hero must have remained subconciously in the back of my mind when I wrote the Asphodel books.

George Lucas watch out. *grin*