Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Not in the mood to play today

This is such BULLSHIT. I just lost almost 15k from the second book of the Shequanti and I have no damn idea why! How is it possible? I wasn't online--hadn't been online for hours. I ran a virus scan -- nothing. No spyware, no viruses, no Trojan horses--my laptop is pristine (as well it should be for the money I fork out on security) but the ENTIRE document vanished while I was working on it. Now I have a ghost copy of 20kb written in squares and circles, and another version of it that has two words on it.

Page 1.


Naturally, I have most of it backed up. But, I've written 15k in two days that are NOT on the flash memory stick and it's gone, gone, gone. I was writing the CONCLUSION of the damn book when it disappeared.

*kicks coffee table and yells an obscenity*

You know, SOMEBODY up there could give me a freaking break! My time constraints this week are so heinous I don't really have the ability to dismantle my laptop looking for 15,000 invisible words. Granted, some of those words aren't necessarily nice ones but they're still MINE. Give them back!

The kitten is staring at me curiously. Her head is tilted to one side and she's looking at me as if I lost my mind. Maybe I have. Maybe if I restart my computer for the fifteenth time that document will reappear. The annoying thing about it is that every time she tilts her head, the bell on her little collar rings. (Yes, I broke down and got her a collar with rhinestones and a bell on it when her short story was accepted for publication. If nothing else, it serves as a cat alarm. I don't even have to leave my desk, I can just yell, "Asphodel! Get off my curtains!")

*takes a migraine pill*

Guess I'm off to rewrite two days' worth of work.