Saturday, February 03, 2007

Never Trust A Rat

Groundhog day. Great tradition-one that's manned by the lyingest rodent ever to walk the face of the planet. Spring's right around the corner, eh? How far away IS that corner, hmmm????

Let's see. On the fifth of January it was 62 degrees and sunny here. Today it's 5 degrees with snow, 25 mph winds, and a will chill of 15 below.

Thanks for the help, Phil. You're a prince.

Normally I like winter. I like the aspect of winter when it's 32 degrees and snowing--BUT it's the kind of snow that melts on the road and just makes everything look pretty. But sub-zero temperatures? *shudders in horror*

If I wanted that kind of weather, I'd live in Canada.

The only good thing about this weekend? The Super Bowl--and I DON'T have to work! I'm excited! I actually get to watch a football game while sitting down? *faints* I'm not sure how I'll handle that! As long as Indianapolis wins, I'll be in a good mood. It's not that I have anything against Chicago, but Indy....well, Peyton Manning is my boy!

It is nice that we have two teams in the Super Bowl this year that aren't there every other year. Maybe now all of the nay-sayers can shut up about Peyton being a *choke* quarterback. He made it to the big game. If Indy wins, then he'll have the ring. It's a given that he's going into the Hall of Fame. Maybe it's time to give him his due.

There's my daily ramble. Excuse me while I toss a couple more logs on the fire and plot ways to stew a groundhog. Stay warm!