Friday, July 20, 2007



On August 7, 2007, Aspen Mountain Press will release Celina Summers' debut novel, "The Reckoning of Asphodel."


So anyway, as I type this and get ready for whatever media blitz I can generate, I've discover that the youngest cat in the house--Biscuit (I didn't name her)--wants to play fetch with her mouse.

Fetch. Are you kidding me?

It's pretty darn cute, but it's distracting me from my purpose.

Ms. Summers, who also writes under several pseudonyms, describes the novel as "epic fantasy with strong roots in Greco-Roman mythology. I have taken the familiar fantasy archetypes and twisted them, hoping to bring a new type of fantasy to the shelves of readers."

Setting myself up for a fall there. Although, I must admit, smartass Elves is a bit of a twist.

Tamsen de Asphodel is a girl caught between two worlds. Each half of her life contradicts the other. But when the gods have a wager, she must find a way to reconcile not only herself but the world around her. If she doesn't, an entire race will be destroyed.

I'm fairly comfortable with that because I wrote it myself. No, kitten, I don't want to play catch.

More information about the novel and its author may be found at or The novel can be purchased at the publisher's website or Fictionwise ( after its

Always important information. Thanks for not leaving it out.

GET THAT MOUSE AWAY FROM ME. Geeeesus--thank god it's a toy and not a REAL mouse. I'd have blood splattered all over the living room if it was.

Anyway, I'm just a LEETLE excited. Just thought I'd share!