Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Behold the power of Duct Tape!


I taped the power cord into the laptop tightly and got it running. I'm going to start my short story on the Yagremlins now -- the deadline is midnight. It is now 12:15. I have a three thousand word limit.!

...and Oh! The Irony!

The day has gone black. Someone has REMOVED the word programs from the family computer.

When the brat gets home from school, I may just kill her.

The gods must be crazy....

Okay, dangit. Snow today....almost sixty by Friday. Did the weather gods smoke some crack while I wasn't looking?

And now for something completely different.....Celina gets a day off.

No seriously. I was supposed to work the day shift today (hurls) but I got a phone call about an hour before I was supposed to go in informing that that I didn't have to come in. Rats. Doesn't that suck?


So today I'll work on my Yagremlins short (don't ask; it's wacky) and try to get some work done on my new vampire novel. Oh, and don't forget the edits.....*sigh*

Aside from that, things are going aft agley and aft aglier. The power cord that the fucking dog chewed through (now with another home, I might add) is completely dead. Oops; there goes the laptop. I should get my replacement in a few days. So I'm trapped on the family computer, much to the chagrin of my daughter who is now prevented from Myspace as long as I'm working.

"Mom! Why do you have to work so much?" (Imagine the whining in her voice and then imagine me cringing)

"To feed you. Now, go away."

Sometimes simplicity is best.

I'm feeling good today. I'm listening to "The Magic Flute" for one thing.... and ENJOYING it. Oh my god; if someone had told me ten years ago I'd willingly be listening to OPERA.... There's new snow on the ground outside, but not on the roads, and it will be gone by the weekend. I'm hoping the weather breaks so I can start on my big spring project: the front yard and porch. I neeeeeeeeeeeed my garden, darnit.
The house is nice and clean (I splurged; thank god for cleaning ladies) and my deadlines are all caught up. Life is good.

Wait a second. *frown* I sound cheerful. How is that possible? That's easy. The muse showed up today. I feel like writing--and writing lots.

It's amazing how a last-second reprieve can change the course of a day. It's almost like spring around here. Oh well. I guess even I can stand to be cheerful for a day.