Sunday, December 13, 2015

Super-Geeky God Is Good The Real Holidays Are Here Week of Nirvana

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Geeks unite! Our Nirvana week has arrived. First, during the Agents of Shield midseason finale came this:

You know, Agents of SHIELD just keeps getting better and better, and this season's journeys to the alternate planet have highlighted some of the best work the series has done yet. Cannot wait for the rest of the season because it's looking like it's going to be kind of awesome. Oh and Clark Greggson--man, that hand. You should have kept it and had it framed for your office. 

Then, a couple of days later, I got to see this:

The Apocalypse storyline has always been one of my absolute favorites. How can you NOT love the idea of that story on the big screen? And James McAvoy...dude. I don't recommend bald as a look for you, but damn you're dead on Professor X now! 

Then, Friday night, came this lovely little bit of Grimm reality:

I am wholly in love with the show Grimm. Have been since day one. And I totally hated it when Juliette bit the big one. Unlike some OTHER Grimm fans, I've always known that Juliette was there to keep Nick human and less, well, Grimm-like unless called for. That's why her descent into Hexenbiest witchiness was so vital to the show. As she lost control over her own personality, the restraints on Nick lessened one by one. So now that he's holed up in his Grimm-fortress, he's grown into the badass he always should have been if Juliette hadn't been there to temper his instincts. And now she's back (sort of) and more badass than he is apparently?


THEN, a few minutes ago, I caught this during the football game:

Okay, let me just get this out there first. Will Smith--dude, I've totally been a fan of yours from day one. Even with Jazzy Jeff and in Bel Air. And you did not serve either your fandom or yourself well by being an arrogant asshat and refusing to do this movie unless you got paid gazillions of dollars. Bad career move, Fresh Prince, considering that everyone else of import in the original cast is in this freaking movie and that's what's going to be so epic about it.

That being said, for what now? 20 years at least--we've all being saying "Wouldn't it be cool if Independence Day could have been done with modern effects?"  Congratulations, geekworld--our real Independence Day is almost here. The effects look amazing and epic on a scale no one could have ever imagined when the original was released. And Judd! What are you doing on that boat? Get outta there!

But finally, and most importantly of course, is....



FIVE MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You and I both know that we can't wait. Nope, just cannot. Geekdom is ecstatic, and while I would love to be hanging out with all my Comic-Con attired peers in the lines for the midnight showing, for this Star Wars I have to wait an eternity (two days) before I can get out to see it. But still...


Happy Feast of Alvis, realm o'geekery. The true holidays are here.