Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Name Is Celina Summers...

...and I am a writerholic. I have been a writerholic for three years. I am not currently undergoing treatment for my writerholism because I have editing to do and revisions due soon. My problem is that I always want to be writing.

Not editing.

Not rewriting.


Normally, this is not a problem. After all, I've still got lots of space on my hard drive. But in a co-writing project, it becomes a problem. While I still had Deception in process, it wasn't so bad. I could balance my writing time between the two projects and keep my impulses under control.

But now? Now it's a horror! The muses have taken over. I sat down to write a little scene and discovered I'd written three new subplots (without discussing them with my partner) and FOUR full length chapters. FOUR. I thought I'd only been writing for an hour.

I'd been writing for eight.

Obviously, I can't use any of what I wrote. I have to work with Rob, and we've been very good about making sure that we pace our way through our plot step by step. I mean, when we were writing Breaking the Covenants, it worked perfectly. But that's because I was BUSY. I was overwhelmed with work. I could control my obsessive compulsive creative impulses. But now I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do. I have to be fair to Rob so--

--I deleted everything I wrote today. It was only fair. Now in order to make things right, I need to come up with an entirely new project to start on and start on quickly! I need to have another writing project to focus on so that the energy of my hyperactive Muses can be channeled into another story.

I just need to think of one.

Who ever heard of a writer whose problem was writing TOO much? I've got to be the craziest person on the planet. Oh well. Time to dig through my character files and the worlds I've built and see if I can't put together something to keep me occupied. Should be interesting to see what I come up with if nothing else.

My name is Celina Summers, and I am a writerholic. So sue me.