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The Sallie House in Atchison, KS
Welcome to my 500th blog post!

FINALLY--finishing up my last book project of the year and am gearing up for the busy time of my year, as opposed to the past seven months that have been so busy I haven't blogged much.

Confused yet? Welcome to my world.

First off, my nonfiction project is a paranormal book co-authored with LiveSciFi founder Tim Wood will be released on September 22, 2017. The book is entitled Stalked by the Zozo Demon: Paranormal Experiment Gone Wrong. This is not your normal paranormal book. Stalked by the Zozo Demon details the story of Tim Wood, who first encountered the Zozo entity at age nine and has been plagued by it ever since. During June and July, Tim conducted an experiment where he contacted the Zozo entity almost every night for a month. I documented the experiment and served as a control as well. The experiment yielded surprising--and terrifying--results, all of which were live streamed by the LiveSciFi YouTube channel. 

Here's what makes this book so fun--I don't know how it ends yet! This week, we'll be concluding the experiment during an investigation of the infamously--and demonically--haunted Sallie house in Atchison, Kansas. I'll be documenting what happens and to run a few experiments of my own. Best news of all--the entire event is going to be live streamed as well! Tim is internationally known to have a long-standing connection with the Sallie house and Zozo has never failed to contact him there. 

To say this is creepy is an understatement. Some of the things that occurred to Tim are frankly, pretty terrifying, both before and during the Zozo experiment. What I find truly fascinating about all this is that I approach paranormal claims with a healthy dose of skepticism. Have to. But as we got deeper into the experiment and the book, backlash started not only for Tim in California but for me in Ohio. Early beta reads of the manuscript have been extremely positive, and the book only needs one thing.

The ending.

This weekend, Tim, the LiveSciFi team, the Sallie house, and I will provide that ending and I have no doubt that however the experiment ends up, Zozo's going to make its presence known as well. 

One of the things I really have enjoyed about this project is its immediacy. For the first time in paranormal nonfiction that I am aware of, a paranormal researcher has conducted an experiment and the results will be published a little over a month after the experiment concludes. And while anyone can tune into LiveSciFi and watch the experiment unfold--and how it ends this weekend--the results of that experiment will be revealed in the book. So far the connective threads have been astonishingly...well, dark and creepy and in a couple of places terrifying. If nothing else, it's a damn good story. So, September 22, 2017. Pre-ordering should start on Amazon soon, and cover/book details are forthcoming.

Now in FICTION news, the first book of my new series set in the Asphodel world, Blood Feud, comes out on October 20, 2017. The Ka'antira Heir ushers in a new set of heroines, heroes, villains, gods, warriors, mages, and bad asses. This is Asphodel, Gen X style. If you ever wondered what happened next, check this out:

As the heir apparent to the Elven Queen, Tamarisk's only purpose is to wait for a day she never wants to come. Tamarisk isn't a great mage like her mother, or a great warrior like her father, Brial Ka'breona. In fact, there's pretty much nothing left for her to be great at except confusion. Plus there's the baffling Anteros de Ceolliune always hanging around to make things even more confusing. 

But the Elven Queen is vulnerable, frail now after years of dealing with her injuries from the war with the gods. Discord is brewing between the seven human kingdoms and the demimortal races. The Elves are becoming dangerously over-crowded. And there's a new, unknown enemy of divine origin who seems to have declared a blood feud with the Ka'antira as a whole.  

When tragedy strikes the Elven realm, Tamarisk has to find a way to crawl out from beneath her heroic parents' shadow, and evolve into a Ka'antira heir on her own terms. If she lives that long.

Have to admit. I've been having fun writing the stories of Tamsen and Brial's kids. Tamarisk, Morrote, Brann, and Pasithea all have many adventures ahead. Throw in Anner de Ceolliune's son, Mariol's son Maron, a couple of Ka'breona cousins, a feisty centaur, and maybe a Hippolyte or two and you're guaranteed to have adventures along the way. 

Just remember. This is Asphodel, and people die. Lots of people die. 


Because who wants a fantasy world without war?

At any rate, that's the fall docket for book releases. Both will be available in digital and print. 

So--stay tuned. Between books, football season, and paranormal season the next few months on the blog should be busy. I'll see you guys this weekend and next week, live blogging from the Sallie house, and will get you updates as they come. 

In the meantime, how about a sale on the first eight Asphodel books in digital format? A huge sale? 

Yep. I'll make that happen for you. Since I'll be off being stalked by demons, I might as well, right?

In the meantime, have some fun checking out a few articles I wrote. This article breaks down the real history of the Sallie house (you know me--if I can't document it, it's an urban legend) while this one analyzes the history and provenance of the Zozo entity. And take a look at the live streams of the Zozo experiment on LiveSciFi's YouTube channel. 

It'll scare the pants off you.


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