So Where The Hell Have You Been?

Yeah, yeah...I've been busy. I know. No one's heard much from me. 

That's true. I have fallen so far off the radar that I'm out of range the past few weeks. My usual beginning of the year project development faze lasted longer than usual, thanks to the back surgery on the last day of November. I sent four brand new novels to my agent--my work from 2016 in addition to the eight novels I self-published and the freelance writing and editing. 

Getting four novels ready for your agent to submit to publishers is a lot of work. Doesn't matter who you are or what you do for a living. Sure, I'm an editor and have been for a long time. In the end, that only makes my first drafts cleaner than most and instills in me an incessant demand to tinker; to keep trying to perfect a manuscript that is, in the end, unperfectable. 

I have been doing a great deal of research also for a nonfiction project I'm currently working on, and considering a second nonfiction project as well. Research is an easy process when you're confined to the bed or the couch. As long as you have internet and a laptop, you can find the answers to basically any question you might have. Add to that the research I'm doing for a new alternate history fantasy project that involves significant historical knowledge on the Who's Who of Renaissance Italy, and things get...complicated. 

But now after tinkering with my blog's visuals--not too shabby, eh?--it's time to get back into my daily writing habits and that includes my neglected blog.

So now that I'm back into the writing phase of my annual working schedule, things are settling back into normal lines. I'm back at home finally, which helps a tremendous amount. And now the purpose of each day isn't perfection, but just the initial joy of getting the bones of the story down on the page and saving perfection for next winter.

And yes--that's the secret. That's how I managed to crank out all the work I did last year. That's how I intend to crank out my work this year as well. So what's on deck, you ask?

Well, the alternate history of Renaissance Italy, obviously. The next books in the Danse Macabre series. The latest round of novels in Asphodel, tentatively entitled Heirs of Asphodel, to be self-published this fall. And I am strongly considering a project I've batted around in my head for years--writing the next great classical epic.

Wait, what?

You read that correctly. The footsteps of Homer, Vergil, and Ovid are pretty much sacred to anyone with my background in classical mythology. I've always felt that there are other epics to be written in the world of Greco-Roman mythology. Mary Stewart very credibly explored the historical angle of classical fiction, but the mythology hasn't been touched in a couple of thousand years.

And it's always been my ambition to try.

So, we'll see what happens. I'll storyboard my idea and see where it takes me. One thing's for certain--the mythology would be correct if I go that route.

At any rate, welcome back to Elf Killing and Other Hobbies. No worries--more Elves will die this year. (Every year, most likely. Have to be careful in the Asphodel world, though. Getting close to genocidal levels there.)

And now...back to work.


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